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Shetland 2013

Friday 2nd August 2013

Bonxie 2

Burra Beach 1

Burra Beach 2

Burra beach 3

Burra Bel

Burra Sunday Tea 1

Burra Sunday Tea 2

Burra workers

Dinner at Hay's Dock 1

Dinner at Hay's Dock 2

Eshaness 1

Eshaness 2

Eshaness 3

Eshaness 4

Eshaness 5

Eshaness : Grind of Navir pool

Eshaness: Braewick beach

Eshaness: clifftop stroll

Eshaness: Grind of Navir

Eshaness: sea otter with fish

Eshaness: the Droggs

Hillswick Public toilet

Hillswick Public toilet 1

Hillswick Public toilet 2

Hillswick Public Toilet 3

Lerwick Harbour 1

Lerwick Harbour 2

Lerwick Harbour 3

Lerwick Harbour 4

Lerwick Harbour: artic tern

Mousa: top of broch

Mousa: bonxie

Mousa: Bonxie 2

Mousa: broch

Mousa: inside broch 1

Mousa: inside broch 2

Spiggie Inn pony

St Ninian's Isle: paddlers

St Ninian's Isle: tombolo

St Nininan's Isle 2

St Nininian's Isle 1

Sumburgh Head Puffins 1

Sumburgh Head Puffins 2

Sumburgh Head Puffins 3

Sumburgh Head Puffins 4

Sumburgh Head Puffins 5

Sumburgh Head Puffins 6

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