Photo Gallery

Knoydart 2016

Monday 4th April 2016

Cafe at the End of the Road

Cafe at the End of the Road 2

Celtic cross Kilchoan graveyard


Inverie Bay 1

Inverie Bay 1

Inverie Bay 2

Inverie Bay 3

Inverie Bay 4

Inverie Bay 5

Inverie Bay 6

Inverie Bay 7

Inverie woods

Mallaig harbour

Sandaig Bay

Stream crossing.. or not? 1

Stream crossing.. or not? 2

The Gathering - view across the bay

The Gathering dinner

The Gathering hot tub 1

The Gathering hot tub 2

Traipsing through the old townships

Walkers 1

Walkers 2

Western Isles arrival at Inverie

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